my favourite is minna because she's rainbow and doesn't afraid of anything



Yaoi paws

I was already laughing at the photo and then I scrolled down and lost my shit



Yaoi paws

I was already laughing at the photo and then I scrolled down and lost my shit

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Ke$ha - Tik Tok

I don’t wanna call this song “where it all began” partly because that seems like really bad writing, and partly because it’s not fully true, but this was certainly a song that hit the music scene like a cartoon man crashing straight through a wall and leaving a hole shaped like himself in his wake. This is the song that set up Ke$ha as someone who was never not making a joke, but somehow that message didn’t get through to a lot of people, who treated this song as some kind of deeply serious infringement upon good taste and Music. Then again, that’s totally the point, isn’t it, so good job, Kesha. (A good rule of thumb for people who hate Kesha: she is almost definitely smarter than you.)

But with all the talk about brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack and kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger and the party don’t start til I walk in—that is, all the talk about how Kesha beautifully characterizes herself as a very specific kind of larger-than-life sleazy joyful party girl—something got lost in the middle. The middle got lost in the middle. I mean, the bridge of this song—it doesn’t have exactly the same tone, does it? We go from the party don’t stop woah woah oh oh to something a little more wistful, almost sad, not really kidding anymore. Something serious.

And that, I think, is the essence of Kesha: an incredible party shot through with a reminder of pain and confusion and sadness, and the idea that one of those things is happening because of the other.

You build me up / you break me down / my heart it pounds yeah you got me / with my hands up / you got me now / you got that sound / yeah you got me. This is not just about having a good time because life sucks; it’s not even really about escapism, exactly. It’s about how a lot of the most beautiful parts of life were created and loved because of the worst parts of life. It’s about how frivolity exists for a reason, and how empty fun is not empty at all. Nothing is ever really empty.

We are made by the things that happen to us, and at the same time we try to make ourselves. These two things are interlocked, and as much control as we have over who we are and what our lives are like, we cannot always have control. The party don’t start til I walk in, but you build me up, you break me down. There can be pain at the heart of any stupid joy. There can be helplessness at the heart of any steely intention. We are buffeted this way and that by even the things we choose; but at least we chose them. We do what we can. We try to be who we want to be.


I don’t know bout you but I think I look pretty damn kawaii

  • rochester: accuses jane of bewitching his horse
  • rochester: interrogates jane about her paintings
  • rochester: leaves jane abruptly for months at a time
  • rochester: stages an engagement with a hot rich aristocrat to hurt jane's feelings
  • rochester: dresses up as a fortune teller to mess with jane's head
  • rochester: neglects to tell jane about the murderous insane wife living in his attic
  • rochester: wait jane why are you leaving

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Strictly Ballroom (1992)


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One of the few things that I’m genuinely terrified of, now that I’ve lost my job, is that I won’t be able to buy presents for the people I care about anymore. I don’t actually know how to be a good friend/parent/relative without aggressively attempting to shower people in gifts and foods and outings. I have nothing else to offer what on earth do I do now. 

there are things you can make for people that are money cheap but time intensive! I mean also UR PRESENCE IS PRESENT ENOUGH!!!! but yk if you’re a presenty person theres stuff thats just annoying and time heavy that people super appreciate. like “gonna come to ur house and make you pancakes” is a gr9 thing, tho it requires proximity


"Painkiller Jane," Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs


“Painkiller Jane,” Woman-Directed Bisexual Woman Superhero Movie, Announced While Marvel and DC Twiddle Thumbs

In a time when both Marvel and DC seem to refuse to make movies starring female superheroes, it was announced today that the Soska Sisters will be directing a Painkiller Jane movie. This means that not only is there going to be a comic book superhero movie starring a woman, but that movie will be directed by two women and the character that the movie is about is a bisexual woman.

Painkiller Jane #2 cover by Amanda Conner

Painkiller Jane…

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oh dang this looks cool as shit

learn-tilde-ath asked:

ask box checker person double check this ask please. ok. : One interpretation of mind honey would lead to it perhaps acting as a medication of sorts for Mituna (possibly in limited doses of course). Sollux fed his lusus Mind Honey, saying that it helps it "not be such an idiot all the time, merely most of the time instead." It seems plausible that it e.g. makes the brain work harder or do more of something, and so as a result would help Sollux's lusus and Mituna, but makes Sollux shoot lasers.


Although why Mituna would be so…off is odd, right? Especially since his Alternia counterpart didn’t seem so off.

did psiioniic ever sustain a serious traumatic brain injury?  i dont remember anything about it but i also angrily snored my way past the original ancestor section.

Richard Ayoade on 50 Shades of Grey trailer

oh man how much does that trailer come off as a thriller

Richard Ayoade on 50 Shades of Grey trailer

oh man how much does that trailer come off as a thriller

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Lest we forget, Watchmen’s pre-movie fandom explosion started in ‘07 on 4chan’s /co/ as a joke. Like, lol, what if when the movie comes out a bunch of yaoi fangirls get really into it and start shipping Rorschach and Nite Owl. lol. That would be so funny. Let’s make Watchmen yaoi. Let’s write Watchmen yaoi. Let’s talk about Watchmen yaoi all day long until we get yelled off the board and move to a separate chan just for comic book porno and talk about Watchmen yaoi every day for several years and fill up 26 threads with fic and art that we pour our souls into.


omg her face “no i dont want to be a missionary lets not and say we did :(“

oh ok just “no i dont wanna marry you” thats fair kiddo

yeah dude she’s just not that into you DEAL W/IT

aw dang he took rejection like a dickweed that’s a shame he seemed nice


well as he fucking should go in for her he locked her in an attic for like 10 years it’d make anybody want to burn the place to the ground

oh no sweet old lady being all “i would have helped ilu :(” can she be your new mum she seems actually nice build yourself that family girl

god fucking damn it she’s gonna marry the sad man of garbage isn’t she THIS IS A SUB-PAR ENDING

oh welp apparently he’s sad blind becaned and floofy well hopefully he does a What Katy Did and becomes less garbage


fucking hell this poor kid had such a bad time and is such a total babe and a half this is very upsetting